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Waterfall in Ntrafi

The waterfall of Penteli or else Valanaris waterfall is a small secret of the area. The name Valanaris is said to be attributed to the oak forest that once dominated the surrounding hills. The waterfall is located in Ntrafi Pikermiou and is approximately 5-6 meters high.

It is a true oasis for those who want to enjoy the landscape of Attica and the beauty of the waterfall and the small lake formed there. The cascade differs depending on the rain and when the waters are less substantial, two twin waterfalls are created. However, due to the permanent presence of water, the stream attracts many wild animals.

The view from the surrounding area is also impressive. Access to the site is from Ahaeon Avenue in Ntrafi. You will need to walk on a path not too steep and in two minutes you will find yourself in this little paradise where you can relax and enjoy nature. The small oasis, so close to Athens, is an ideal destination for a walk with young children who can discover nature in Attica in a wildlife sanctuary.

Paleontological finds in Pikermi

Pikermi is an area of ​​Attica more important than one imagines because this area has become world-known in the archaeological community due to the finding of fossilized animals, which have been a pavilion for the palaeontology of vertebrates.

The exhibition is housed in the old community of Pikermi and is the result of many years of collaboration between professor George Theodorou, director of the Museum of Palaeontology and Geology of the University of Athens, with the Community of Pikermi, the Prefecture of Athens and the Municipality of Rafina - Pikermi.

The port of Rafina

The port of Rafina is the second largest passenger port of Attica and is defined as one of the 12 ports of major national importance. The port is run by OLP SA and serves passenger and tourist traffic as well as transportation by trucks, concentrating a significant part of the traffic towards the islands of the Cyclades as well as the exclusive connection with southern Evia.

Marikes beach (Rafina)

At a distance of 1.5 km from Rafina, Marikes beach stretches its sand to the bay, 700 meters long. The rocks that surround it protect it from the southwest but expose it to the north. Next to the beach is Askitario, an important archaeological site of the first metallurgical attempts during the Early Helladic Age. The name is attributed to the Hilbert sisters who bought a large area in the area in 1920.